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New Case Law in Roadway Design Cases, Lowman v. Wilbur

We have litigated a number of cases where some or all of the claims in the case involve issues of

What To Do When Sustaining Two Automobile Collisions Close In Time

It happens more frequently than people would realize where an individual is injured in an automobile accident, and then within

Washington Court of Appeals clarifies UIM Statute in Ochoa

A case was recently decided by the Washington Court of Appeal (Division I in Seattle), called Ochoa v. Progressive, whereby

Stedman v. Cooper Re-examines Tencer Testimony

Another case was decided in the Washington Court of Appeals late last year regarding the testimony of Dr. Allan Tencer. 

Intersection of Worker's Comp and Private Tort Suits

A recent case of interest from Division II of the Washington Court of Appeals is entitled Orris v. Lingley (288

Dealing with Subsequent Remedial Measures in Litigation

A recent case in Division II of the Court of Appeals of Washington, called Pupo v. Albertson’s, Inc., reminded us

Proximate Cause in Tort Cases

A recent opinion by the Washington Court of Appeals, although unpublished, sheds some light on the doctrine of proximate cause

Vicarious Liability in Motor Vehicle Accidents

In an ordinary motor vehicle accident case, the plaintiff is generally the driver who believes that he or she was

Article on Kundu case in Marysville

Sunday’s Everett Herald published an article about our clients’ case against Snohomish County.  The link is here: // .

Defining Lawyer Speak: what is NEGLIGENCE?

Lawyers can often use words that are unfamiliar to our every day life. Additionally, a lot of these words can be

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