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Attorneys at Law

Levin v. U.S., or Reconciling the FTCA and the Gonzalez Act

An interesting case was recently argued in the Supreme Court that concerns various aspects of our practice.  The case is entitled Levin v. United States, and it is an appeal from the Ninth Circuit case 663 F.3d 1059 (2011).  Of concern to our practice is how the courts will interpret certain aspects of the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), specifically with regard to suits against medical personnel employed by the U.S. government. In this case,


How to Limit Tort Awards from the Government

Very interesting article here.  This article is interesting because it analyzes different ways that governments can deal with the perceived problem of excessive tort awards that go against the government.  Because our practice sometimes involves litigation against government at all levels, this issue is important to us. The issue here is the classic tension that exists in citizens when they find out that people are suing their government and winning large monetary awards.  Naturally, while


Federal Tort Claims Act & Sovereign Immunity

It’s hard to really gauge what the lay person on the street thinks about sovereign immunity. To clarify, that term applies to a type of immunity from litigation that the United States enjoys simply by virtue of being the nation that it is. The concept comes from British common law, where, many years ago, the king enjoyed complete immunity from lawsuits. Of course it’s a good thing that our country has modernized quite a bit,


Madigan Army Medical Center fires Maj. Gen. Phillip Volpe

The Army has removed the head of Madigan Army Medical Center during its investigation into whether soldiers had a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder reversed to reduce the cost of a medical retirement. Maj. Gen. Phillip Volpe, who leads the Western Region Medical Command, announced Monday Homas has been removed from his position while the investigations are ongoing, reports The Seattle Times. The Army Surgeon General is contacting the families of 14 soldiers whose diagnoses


Judge absolves the FBI of Ferrari Joyriding

Read this interesting article of judge and government politics here. And rember, when filing a claim agains the government it is best to have representation who thoroughly understands the federal processes. Our attorneys have just that experience and are steadfast litigators.


Your Medical Information and New Technology

Most hospitals are currently figuring out how to use new technology to make the care they offer more efficient and of higher quality. The favored device of many hospitals is the iPad, a tiny notebook computer. There was a rumor that was circulated that calls on FaceTime (video chat application) were not encrypted (this could potentially mean that the information you told your doctor was not safe). Apple has responded to this rumor, and the