Why should you have PIP (Personal Injury Protection) Coverage?

PIP usually encompasses three specific areas of an injured person’s

 1.  Medical costs:  Most policies provide a minimum of $10,000,
but many offer higher coverage for a very minimal amount.  Following a
motor vehicle accident, transportation by ambulance and emergency room
visit with diagnostics can cost up to $10,000 minimum.  Whether the
accident is your fault or not, you are initially responsible for your
medical specials.  Failure to have this coverage, could ruin your

2.      Wage loss: You need to determine your policy coverage.
Most policies cover $40 a day up to $200 a week.  Can you live on $200 a
week if you are injured and cannot work?  There are other coverage
amounts for up to $750 a week.  It is always wise make to know your coverage

 3.      Essential services: Essential services are provided when
your doctor determines that your injuries are such that will prevent you
from taking care of every-day living; such as house cleaning, lawn
mowing, grocery shopping, or child care.  Again, this is done on a per
day and week rate and cannot exceed that amount.

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