When do I need a lawyer for a car accident?

The paralegals in our office are a wealth of knowledge that they’ve gained over decades of experience.

I’ve been in car accidents before and they have all been terrifying. I remember I once was in a rear end collision along a bridge (at very low speeds, during traffic, no injuries). The woman involved in the accident wouldn’t even take down my information or give me hers. I was standing along the narrow shoulder of the bridge as cars breezed past me trying to hand motion an argument to her of why I needed her information. I was young and had never been a party to a car accident before. I remember wondering: do I need an attorney? will my car insurance represent my interests? what happens if I can’t get this woman’s information? Luckily, now I know women like Ms. Laird, our lead paralegal, who can answer all of my questions concerning car accidents. I’ve invited her in to my office today to tell all of us the top five indications that you need to hire an attorney after a car accident. I hope this information helps all of you as much as it helps me.  

1. If any of the parties involved in the accident deny or dispute liability, you need an attorney.

2. If your car insurance company denies benefits (such as medical care) for any reason to you or any passenger in your car, you need an attorney.

3. If there is any amount of property damage (your car, any item in your car (such as a laptop computer that might have been in your trunk), any property on your person) that is not being reimbursed for all damage, you need an attorney.

4. If your insurance company is trying to settle your claim prior to being medically ok, you need an attorney.

5. If the at fault party does not have insurance or a hit and run car accident, you need an attorney.

We hope this helps guide you. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office and speak with our qualified staff. Our office number is (253)850-6411.

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