Washington Legislature to Remove Non-Gender-Neutral Language in State Laws

The Washington state legal news of the day is the near completion of an effort by the state’s legislature to completely remove all gender-specifying words from the laws of the state of Washington.  That is, except in the cases where the gender specific words are material to the statute.

Since a 1983 statute was passed, all new state laws in Washington must have used gender neutral language.  However, all laws on the books between 1854 and 1983 still retained the old non-gender neutral language.

This effort began some six years ago and is drawing to a close now.  There is still some “red tape” down in Olympia before the new versions of the laws are published and enacted, but everything we have read indicates that these things are merely procedural and that this process should be completed soon.

(This post is intended to be educational and should not be construed as legal advice.  If you have questions or believe these issues affect you or your case, please contact an attorney.)

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