The Paralegal and the Attorney

Here at Dore Duetscher, our office works as a team. Often when you file a case, you will hear more from a paralegal than an attorney. A paralegal may call you to give you periodic updates on your case or ask for needed information to move your case forward. I wanted to explain to my readers and clients why that is done.

The attorney and paralegal assigned to your case are a team and regularly discuss the status and direction of your case. An attorney has many responsibilities that may take them out of the office. Some of these responsibilities include: conferring with doctors, arguing motions in court, being in trial on another case, or negotiating with insurance companies. Oftentimes, the paralegal is more accessible to address any questions that you may have in your case. The paralegal can also assist you in most matters. If you need information that a paralegal cannot answer, she will seek guidance from the attorney. She may be the one that calls you back to answer your question or she might be the one that sets up a phone or in person interview with your paralegal and attorney team.

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