Remedies for Families of Wrongful Death Victims in Port Employment

News report here from the Port of Tacoma.  Tragically, a worker at the port died yesterday in a fatal accident about which details are still forthcoming.

We have litigated numerous cases regarding workplace accidents like this, including injuries occurring at ports and in commercial shipping vessels.

The remedies for the families of accidents like this are slightly different than when deaths or injuries occur on land.  The reason for this is because federal laws affect the jurisdiction on or near the high seas, and longshoremen and harbor workers usually fall under these federal statutes.  Under the federal statutes pertaining to harbor workers, the federal government provides a remedy that is similar to worker’s compensation; it prevents an injured person or their family from bringing a civil lawsuit against the employer.

That said, depending on the specific situation, ordinary state court remedies (civil lawsuits) may also be available, which generally provide more extensive compensation than the federal remedies.

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