Bicycle Accidents

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Bicycle accidents caused by the drivers of cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles can result in devastating and long-term personal injuries or accidental death.  We understand the long-term consequences that bicycle accidents can have not only on the injured cyclists, but also on their family.  As a bicycle accident lawyer, Jim Dore and the Dore Law Group represent those in our local cycling community who have been injured by the negligent or reckless acts of others.

Who Is Liable for Your Cycling Accident?

In many cases there are multiple causes that lead to bicycle accidents. These causes can include:

When a bicycle accident occurs it’s important that all possible causes of the accident be thoroughly investigated.  To do this, we often hire accident reconstructionists or experts, examine the accident scene, interview witnesses, and try to determine if aspects such as alcohol, cell phone usage, texting, or other driver distractions or factors are involved.

Bicycle accidents also require closely examining roadway conditions. In some instances cycling accidents are caused by defective grating, broken asphalt, or other dangerous street conditions. In other instances, cycling accidents may be caused by malfunctioning traffic signals, blocked visibility from bushes, trees, or other vegetation, or roadway design issues.

We Seek to Hold All Those Responsible for the Damages They Cause

We never assume that a bicycling accident is caused entirely by a single person or factor.  In many cases there are multiple causes that contribute to the accident. As a result of our investigation, we seek to hold all those who may have contributed to the accident accountable for their share of the injuries and damages caused.

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident caused by the negligent acts of another or by other dangerous road conditions, contact us to find out how we may be able to help obtain compensation for your injuries. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation so that we may learn about your accident and injuries, and so that you can learn about our services.

If  we are retained as your attorneys, we will work hard to thoroughly investigate and prove your case and use our best efforts to obtain for you compensation for the full measure of damages that you sustained.

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