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Commercial trucking accidents are different than other motor vehicle accidents in a variety of ways.

First, commercial truck drivers must adhere to specific guidelines that govern their conduct, such as how many hours they may drive within a specified time period.  These rules are designed to ensure that drivers get sufficient rest, and to protect the public from fatigued commercial truck drivers who may be tempted to drive without adequate sleep in order to make more money.

Second, commercial drivers are subject to various standards governing transportation.  In some cases an accident may have been caused by a load that weighed in excess of permissible requirements or that was not properly secured.  In a commercial trucking accident, we often hire independent trucking accident investigators to determine whether these or other factors caused the accident.

Third, if the driver is employed by a company, the company will usually be responsible for the driver’s activities.  This is important because the trucking company may also be responsible for the accident, in addition to the driver.

Trucking companies also have a responsibility to employ safe drivers.  In some instances, companies might employ drivers who have significant driving incidents (such as driving while intoxicated convictions or numerous driving accidents), or a driver may continue to drive for a company even after his or her license is revoked.

We Thoroughly Examine Commercial Trucking Accidents

When commercial truck driving accidents occur, we conduct a thorough investigation of the accident to determine the cause or causes of the accident.  In many instances, there is more than one factor or cause involved.  We also frequently use accident reconstructionists and experts to help identify all likely causes of the accident, and, at trial, to help prove liability.

If you or a loved one has suffered from an accident involving a commercial truck, semi-truck, or bus, call us.  There is no obligation to use our firm, and the initial consultation is free. If you hire us, we will fight tirelessly to seek to prove your case and to get you the recovery to which you may be entitled.

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