Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise ship vacations are usually portrayed as paradise on the ocean, with non-stop fun and relaxation. Sadly, however, this is not always the case.  When accidents happen, cruise ship vacations can quickly turn into a nightmare, sometimes resulting in death or serious injury.

The wreck of the cruise ship Concordia is a perfect example of such a tragedy.  The Concordia ran into a reef off the coast of Italy, resulting in the deaths of at least 25 passengers and dozens of injuries.   Many passengers, fearing for their lives, were forced to swim to shore or engage in other harrowing escapes to avoid death. Not only did many of the passengers sustain physical injuries, but it is likely that even more passengers may sustain long-lasting trauma.

About 7 weeks later, the Concordia’s sister ship – the Costa Allegra – suffered an engine room fire which knocked out the ship’s main power supply.  For three days passengers were forced to be without lights, power,air conditioning, and running water for showers and toilets until the ship was finally towed into port.

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The Multibillion Dollar Cruise Ship Companies Should be Held Accountable for the Injuries and Damages Caused by Their Negligence

As personal injury attorneys, we understand the physical and emotional injuries that are suffered from cruise ship accidents where the captain, crew, and cruise ship company failed to take the adequate precautions to ensure a safe voyage or otherwise were negligent. When injuries occur because of negligent actions, our firm seeks to hold those responsible for all of the injuries caused to our clients, including long-term physical and emotional trauma.

In the case of cruise ship injuries, the cruise ship company may seek to minimize their liability by trying to get passengers to agree to small settlements. They sometimes try to make passengers feel like there is no way that they can win more money than what they are offering.

These scare tactics do not work against us – we are not afraid to litigate against cruise ship companies and hold them accountable for the true measure of damages that they cause.

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