Boating Accidents

One of the great recreational advantages of the State of Washington is the opportunity for boating on our lakes and rivers and off the coast. The freedom of boating provides a great escape for many. While most boaters operate in a safe manner, a minority of boaters believe that once they are on the water, they are not required to follow any rules.

As a result, boaters sometimes engage in activities that they would never undertake while driving, such as driving while intoxicated. Some boaters may also not understand the local laws that may apply to specific lakes and rivers.

Dangers on the Water

Negligence in operating a boat can result in the same devastating injuries that occur in motor vehicle accidents.  These injuries may include:

Additionally, with boating accidents, there is an added risk of drowning that is not present in most automobile accidents.

When Boating Accidents Occur, We Seek to Hold Those Responsible for the Injuries They Cause

If boaters choose to act recklessly or negligently and cause injuries to others, it is only fair that they be held accountable for the damages they cause.  If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a boating related accident caused by the negligent act of another person, we can help.

Like other personal injury claims, we fully investigate boating accidents, hire accident reconstructionists if needed, interview witnesses, and seek to determine if alcohol, drugs, or other factors played a role in the accident.  In many instances, more than one person may be at fault for causing the accident. If this is the case with your accident, we can bring a lawsuit against all those who are responsible.

Boating Accident Representation in Washington State

We are able to represent those injured in boating accidents throughout Washington State, including Kent, Seattle, Des Moines, Auburn, Renton, Federal Way, and Tacoma.  Please feel free to call our office to get started.

We will be happy to meet with you at your convenience so that we may learn about your case. There is no cost for this meeting, and you will be under no obligation to hire our law firm. With more decades of personal injury experience, we can advise you of your legal options for seeking recovery.  If you retain our firm, we will work hard to prove all aspects of your case, and to obtain for you the full amount of damages to which you may be entitled.

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