Injuries from Unsafe Working Conditions

Dangerous and unsafe working conditions pose a risk to construction workers and the general public. Each year workers suffer serious personal injury or wrongful death due to unsafe conditions at the workplace.

While unsafe work conditions can exist with respect to almost every type of occupation, occupations such as factory worker, construction worker, and occupations requiring manual labor and heavy equipment experience the highest rate of injuries and death.  Workers in some of these industries, such as factory and construction work, are surrounded by a high degree of risk from potentially dangerous equipment. Because of the high degree of danger posed in these situations, it is important that companies use safe equipment, ensure that there are safeguards to the greatest extent possible, and thoroughly train employees on how to operate the equipment and otherwise perform work in a safe manner.

Dangerous Work Environment

Injuries resulting from a dangerous work place include:

Unsafe working conditions can also lead to death.  Tragically, when death occurs, the effect of the loss of a loved one can be devastating for the loved ones left behind.

Worker’s Compensation

In the case of a worker injured during the course of employment, the worker will likely be entitled to workers’ compensation from the worker’s employer.  Additionally, if the injury was caused by a person or entity other than the employer, such as a contractor or maker of defective equipment, the worker may be additionally entitled to recover from such other person or entity.

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We represent construction workers and others who have been injured or killed as a result of dangerous or unsafe work conditions.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed on a construction site due to dangerous or unsafe work conditions, contact us. We have broad experience in personal injuries, and we have the resources and experience to investigate and bring lawsuits for unsafe work conditions that result in injury due to the reckless acts or negligence of those other than the injured worker’s employer.

With decades of legal experience and personal-injury matters, our attorneys have a track-record of recovering damages for injured workers.

We are happy to meet with you for a no cost, no obligation consultation so that you may tell us about your injuries. If you hire us as your attorneys, we will work hard to recover for you all damages to which you may be entitled.

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