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Imagine having to get through each day without the use of your arms, or your legs, or even your eye muscles.  This is what those who have become paralyzed often face each day.

Paralysis can occur as a result of many causes, including injuries that damage the nervous system, brain, or spinal cord. In severe cases, those suffering from paralysis may even require assistance to breathe.

Paralysis can be one of the most devastating injuries imaginable. It affects not only the person paralyzed, but also the person’s family, who often must become full-time care providers.  In addition to possibly facing a lifetime of not being able to work, those paralyzed can be hit with another penalty in the form of a lifetime of extreme medical expenses.

While We Cannot Change Paralysis, We Can Fight for Fair Compensation for the Injured

When a client becomes paralyzed through the negligent acts of another, we fight hard to obtain the maximum compensation to which our client may be entitled.  This may entail the following:

Accident reconstructionists and experts

In cases of paralysis resulting from the wrongful acts of another person,  accident reconstructionists and experts are usually hired in order to determine who was responsible for the paralyzing injury.  Hiring accident reconstructionists and experts is an important part of proving fault, as these individuals often serve as a key part of making a client’s case.

Identifying all those who may be responsible for causing the injury

Often there may be more than one person at fault for causing a paralyzing injury.  For example, in the case of person paralyzed as the result of an accident caused by a drunk driver, a bar owner also maybe liable if the owner continued to serve alcohol to the drunk driver after this person was already intoxicated.  If road conditions were unreasonably dangerous or if traffic signals were not functioning properly, those responsible for these aspects may also be legally liable if they contributed to the cause of the accident.

In our investigation, we seek to determine the entire set of facts and circumstances so that we can identify those who we believe are liable.  We then work hard to prove liability so that those responsible for the paralyzing injury are held accountable for their negligent actions and the damages sustained.

Paralyzing Injuries

Paralysis can result from many types of causes, such as

Because each type of accident cause is different, it’s important that qualified experts for the specific type of accident field be hired.

How We Can Help

If you or a loved one became paralyzed as a result of medical malpractice or an injury caused by the negligent actions of someone else, call us.  We can meet with you to learn about the facts and circumstances of your case, and explain what must be done in order to prove your case at trial.  We provide experienced and compassionate personal service, and tenacity towards seeking a full and fair recovery for clients.

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