Can I Afford an Attorney?

Attorneys have a reputation for being very expensive. However, at the Dore Law Group, are here to serve you.

We understand that most people cannot afford to pay a large amount of money to hire an attorney at some crazy hourly rate, especially if you are facing very expensive medical bills already. We take clients based on a system called the “contigency fee.” The “contingency fee” allows you to hire an attorney and pay them at the end of the case based on a percentage of the total recovery. The other financial component is of hiring an attorney is costs of the case. Costs of the case is money that must be spent to develop evidence to prove your case.

Evidence can include medical and employment records, police or other incident reports, etc. We are committed to putting together a thorough, careful, and efficient case. This includes trying to keep costs down in each and every case. When you need an attorney, you want experienced attorneys and steadfast litigators on your side. The contingency fee system allows for you to hire the very best.

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