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Another case on Proximate Cause

A recent case from Division I Court of Appeals of Washington contains yet another interesting discussion of proximate cause.  Causation

Who can bring a Wrongful Death claim in Washington?

In many ways, the state of Washington is not unlike most states in terms of claims for wrongful death.  Wrongful

Why is the Dore Law Group the Right Choice for My Case?

The attorneys at Dore Law Group are the right choice for most people seeking legal counsel in the practice areas

Lawsuit Filed in Green River Car Crash That Killed Two Kids

More than three years after two children died in the Green River in a car accident, the parents of one

Deadly Crash Leads to $50 Million Claims Against Snohomish County

Two families have filed claims against Snohomish County, saying the county’s failure to fix a road led to an accident

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