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Seattle: 206.343.4841 | Tacoma: 877.778.9680 | Everett: 877.788.9680

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Attorneys at Law

Dealing with Subsequent Remedial Measures in Litigation

A recent case in Division II of the Court of Appeals of Washington, called Pupo v. Albertson’s, Inc., reminded us of the importance of properly litigating in the context of a defendant’s subsequent remedial measures after slip-and-fall injuries or really any type of personal injury. When a plaintiff is injured and then later brings a lawsuit; frequently, at some point in that interim, the defendant will take steps to fix or “remedy” whatever may have


Defining Lawyer Speak: what is NEGLIGENCE?

Lawyers can often use words that are unfamiliar to our every day life. Additionally, a lot of these words can be packed with a lot of legal meaning that can be hard to grasp. In this portion of the blog I will attempt to give some short and easy definitions to words that lawyers commonly use. Negligence: A failure to act reasonably in a situation. Doing something carelessly or failing to do something; i.e. driving without


The Paralegal and the Attorney

Here at Dore Duetscher, our office works as a team. Often when you file a case, you will hear more from a paralegal than an attorney. A paralegal may call you to give you periodic updates on your case or ask for needed information to move your case forward. I wanted to explain to my readers and clients why that is done. The attorney and paralegal assigned to your case are a team and regularly


Can I Afford an Attorney?

Attorneys have a reputation for being very expensive. However, at the Dore Law Group, are here to serve you. We understand that most people cannot afford to pay a large amount of money to hire an attorney at some crazy hourly rate, especially if you are facing very expensive medical bills already. We take clients based on a system called the “contigency fee.” The “contingency fee” allows you to hire an attorney and pay them


Have you been hurt by slipping and falling?

A recent client of ours stopped in to our office with a dozen roses this morning. A gesture of gratitude for a very favorable verdict in her case. Damage to the ceiling of her apartment was caused by another unit’s sprinkler system. Her apartment owner claimed that they woud fix the ceiling, but they refused to put her up in a hotel during the repair. While trying to negotiate around debris in her own apartment from the