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Veteran’s Administration Hospital Scandal with Secret Appointment Lists Appears to have been Nationwide, Not Just in Phoenix

Outrageous and unforgivable is the situation with hidden lists at the Phoenix Veterans Administration hospital as well as it appears

Follow up on Levin v. United States

We now have the answer to the question regarding the Federal Tort Claims Act and the Gonzalez Act that was

Levin v. U.S., or Reconciling the FTCA and the Gonzalez Act

An interesting case was recently argued in the Supreme Court that concerns various aspects of our practice.  The case is

How to Limit Tort Awards from the Government

Very interesting article here.  This article is interesting because it analyzes different ways that governments can deal with the perceived

Federal Tort Claims Act & Sovereign Immunity

It’s hard to really gauge what the lay person on the street thinks about sovereign immunity. To clarify, that term

Army Removes 2 Doctors

In Feb. 2012, two doctors on a Madigan Army Medical Center team have been temporarily removed from clinical duties as

Madigan Army Medical Center fires Maj. Gen Phillip Volpe

Feb. 2012: The Army has removed the head of Madigan Army Medical Center during its investigation into whether soldiers had

How Long After My Injury Do I Have to File a Claim Against the Federal Government?

Generally an FTCA medical malpractice claim must be filed within two years of when the injury occurred, but this analysis

Who Can File a Claim Under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA)?

FTCA claims may be filed by anyone, except active duty military personnel (with some narrow exceptions), who has been injured

What if My Injury Was Received Oversees?

An FTCA claim can only be filed for injuries received in the United States and its territories. However, injuries received

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